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600 Court St

Over the course of the last year, this former soup kitchen has seen incredible changes. Almost every wall was torn out, chunks of the concrete slab were removed, the ceiling was torn down, and the bare bones were revealed. Now, we are beginning to rebuild. Keep scrolling to see the incredible progress that has been made because of your support. 


The "Before"

In November of 2021, Restore purchased 600 Court St. Prior to the purchase, the building had been used as a local outreach. The building has incredible history and is a staple of the downtown area. However, it was in need of some updates. 


Building Progress-1.jpg

The Worship Space

This image shows the view standing in the Welcome Area looking into the worship space. The walls are framed, the HVAC is being installed and lights are coming soon!

The Worship Space

This image shows the view in the back of the worship space looking towards the stage. The ceilings will be industrial style showing the beautiful wooden beams. Lights and floor updates will be coming soon!

The Worship Space

Here is a closer look at the stage. Soon there will be a floor, more intentional steps, and some decor on the wall!

The Welcome Area

Very soon, on the other side of this wall will be a beautiful Welcome Area. This space will include a coffee bar, Village Check-in and a space for new visitors.  

Building Progress-8.jpg

The Welcome Area

On the left is the Welcome Area, on the right is the Worship Space, and straight ahead is the hallway to the restrooms. 

The Village

The Village side of the building is making huge progress as well! The four different classrooms are framed, the large window openings are prepped and ready for glass, and the large hallway is ready for child drop off and parent mingling! 

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